Pesarattu and Coconut Chutney! The yummy Combination

Moong Dal Dosa Which is widely known as Pesarattu is Power Packed Protein Breakfast Widely Consumed In South India. Pesarattu and Coconut Chutney are served with Traditional Cuisine Upma along With Ginger Chutney in Some Parts If South India.

This Dish is similar to dosa which Is very much popular in coastal places of South India, Especially In Guntur and East Godavari Districts Of Andhra Pradesh.

Without Wasting Any Further time, let’s get into the making Of Delicious Pesarattu and Coconut Chutney.

Ingredients For Making Batter for Pesarattu :

Soaked Moong Dal ( Whole Green Gram )

Ginger Piece

Cumin Seeds ( jeera )

Green Chillies

Oil or Ghee As Needed

Raw Rice ( For Crispy Texture )

Preparation of the Batter

Soak the Moong dal, raw rice and for 5-6 hours in A bowl.

Clean or Drain, the Excess Water, Form the After.

Add Green Chillies, Cumin Seeds, Ginger, Salt to A Blended jar.

Blend all the Ingredients To Make till the Batter Appears Smooth and Slightly Coarse.

Add Some Water In Between To Make It Thick Enough.

The batter for Pesarattu Must be Like Pouring In Nature.

Don’t Make the Batter too Runny That won’t make Pesarattu Crispy at All.

For Making Pesarattu :

Put up and Heat the Dosa Pan until medium-hot.

Add a teaspoon of oil or ghee to the Pan.

Pour One 1/3 batter and swirl it properly. Add one teaspoon of oil or ghee to corners and Middle of pesarattu.

You Can Also Add Onion, Green Chilli Chopping Or Ginger Chopping to It.

Flip to The Other Side After some 2 minutes and Cook It On Light Flame.

You Can Add Some Oil or ghee to The Edges If Needed.

When it turns slightly golden In Colour you Can Fold An Remove It.

The Delicious Pesarattu Is Ready.

But, Without Having Coconut Chutney, it Won’t Fulfil the Right Excitement Among the Food Lovers.

Let’s See How to Make Traditional Coconut Chutney For Pesarattu.

Ingredients for Traditional Coconut Chutney:

Coconuts Are extensively Available In Coastal Areas. That is Why Coconut Chutney Is Widely served Main Indian Dishes Like idli, Dosa, upma, And Pesarattu as Well.

Chopped Coconut

Fried Gram or Chana Dal ( Fried Or Normal )

Small Ginger Piece

Green Chillies

Cumin Seeds

Salt As per Taste

Water as Needed

Making of Coconut Chutney;

If you have Fried, the Green Gram Or Peanuts make Sure that They Cool Before Adding Them to Jar.

Add grated Coconut, Fried chana, Chopped Green chillies, Ginger, Cumin Seeds to the Jar.

Now, Add Salt to Taste and Blend All of them.

Add Some Water In between. (It Completely Depends upon you whether you Need To Make Coconut Chutney thick Or Runny)

Taste It In between and Add Some Salt Or Chillies If Needed.

Now Comes the Crucial Part In Indian Food The “Tadka”

For making tadka to Coconut Chutney, You need the Following Ingredients:

One Tea Spoon Of Oil

Green Chilli or Red chilli

Curry Leaves ( Most Important Ingredient In South India )

Pinch of hing (asafoetida)

Rai and Jeera

Preparing tadka for Coconut Chutney

Heat the Pan

Add Oil to It

Add Jeera, rai, Asafoetida, Curry Leaves and Green or Red Chilli One by One To It.

When Every Ingredient turns crispy in the Pan, just add The Tadka to Coconut Chutney.

Your Coconut Chutney Is Ready.

Serve Pesarattu and Coconut Chutney to Your Loved One And Have Enjoy!
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