How Can Idli help in Weight loss? A Low Calorie Recipe

Idli is considered one of the most favourite South Indian Breakfast we all enjoy. Well, all the credit goes to its Exceptional health benefits and most importantly, idli help in Weight Loss and make you Slim and Fit forever. There are many varieties of idli like rice idli, rava idli, poha idli, instant rava idli, ragi idli, oats idli etc. These all varieties Are Are extensively Prepared In South India.

But, what if i tell you that idli has got lot of other wonderful health benefits? Scroll down got through the article to know how can this breakfast help you To Stay Healthy?

Works Great for Digestion & Lose Weight

The best part of south Indian breakfast is that this is easily digestible in Nature. The secret here lies in the fermentation process that makes it easy for the body to digest. It is a better option if whether you’re cooking for yourself or eating out as it is steamed and not deep fried.

The Fermentation process breaks down the Vitamins and minerals in the body, which can hinder your weight loss goals.

Steamed and Puffy, idli is known for its Easily Digestible characteristic. This is one of the favorite breakfast of health & fitness enthusiasts.

Rich In fibre and Protein

Fibre is an essential nutrient for the body, as it keeps you overfill you for longer and also regulates blood sugar levels. The fibre content present in idli promotes Smooth digestion, which is a key to lose weight.

Rich in Fiber

Fibre-rich foods and dishes satisfy your hunger for Long time. If you are looking to control excessive Fat then this south Indian dish Is the best choice, also Idli help in Weight Loss.

Low Calorie Food

One Idli has 33 calories In it, about 2 % of the total daily calorie, Which Is Great for Weight Loss and Ideal Fermentation food.


idli is a food that Has very minimal Calories In It. If you are really worried about the excess rice content in it, you can easily minimize the ingredients like pulses & vegetables in it and Make it more Calorie Free.

It has no oil content in It

Idli is steamed food Not Fried food. They do not have any oil content in them. Since, there is no oil the calorie content is also relatively very low.

Weight loss

Abundant of Nutrients ( ingredients )

Let’s understand why Idli is Best Weight Loss breakfast? let us quickly get into the ingredients used in it especially in South India.

Urad DalThe Folic Acid in Urad Dal Helps your body to manufacture New red blood Cells. Dal Is Also Rich In phosphorous & Calcium Which Will Strengthen your Bones too.

Rice : If you will go in the south, there are handful of dishes. South Indians use rice extensively in almost all the dishes, and Idli is One Of It.

Rice Is boiled & mixed With Urad Dal to make batter, this Parboiled Rice contain Soluble B vitamins like Thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.


Idli Rava: Most of the People use idli Rava in southern States instead of Plain Rice to give it a Smooth texture.

It is added into batter without grinding at all in some cases.

Rava Is a Great Source of Magnesium and Phosphorous which act as a vital Source to Keep Our Nervous System healthy and perfectly working.

Not many recipes which offer health benefits compared to South Indian Dishes. You must have felt relaxed after eating idli in comparison to other items.

Reason is simple, the nature of ingredients & preparation technique used here. Southern Indian promotes food which is As Easy to digest & particularly food like idli Help In Weight Loss.

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