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Dahi Vada is the most popular South Indian Dish. In North India, Dahi Vada Is known Dahi Bhalla and Perugu Garelu In South. Call it a mouth-watering Snack or delicious food. “Dahi Bhalla chaat” is always delightful.

This is one of the most popular chat items widely consumed in South India. The Snack is a beautiful example of Delicacy. The base of this dish is vada, made up of Urad dal or black Gram Lentils Which Is Widely Used in Preparing Idli or Dosa.

These crispy vada are also known as Medhu vada and taste super delicious when Served With Coconut Chutney or green chutney.

The yoghurt used for vada must be Thick, creamy, spicy and sometimes sweetened with sugar. This curd or yoghurt filled Vadas make an excellent Combination of hot, cold and Crispy recipe.

Dahi Bhalla chaat is topped with a colourful mixture of exquisite flavoured chutneys and Spices.

This is a straightforward and simple recipe to try at home.

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Without Wasting Time Let’s Look at the Ingredients Required For preparing this Delicious Dish

Ingredients for Making Vadas:

2 cups Urad Dal ( Black Gram ) And Moong Dal washed and Soaked In Water For 5 to 6 Hours Or Overnight

Grated Ginger

Finely Chopped Green Chillies 2

Oil for Deep Frying

Salt to taste

Ingredients For Making Dahi Bhalla :

Fresh curd or thick yoghurt 3 Cups

Water 1½ cups

Sugar 1½ Table Spoon

Red chilli powder 1 Table Spoon

Jeera powder (Cumin Seeds) – 1 Tea Spoon

Chaat masala powder 1 Table Spoon

Salt To Taste

For Garnishing

Black Pepper Powder

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Pomegranate Seeds


How To Prepare Vada?

wash and soak urad dal, moong Dal both in same bowl of water for 5-6 hours or overnight until They Swelled up.

Size of These lentils would increase to almost double After soaking water.

Drain Excess Water From it.

Switch On the Grinder.

Now, Grind the urad dal and Moong Dal.

Add green chillies and ginger

Now, Add salt To taste

Grind it Into a Smooth Paste.

Add 1 to 2 Cups of water While Grinding.

ingredients for making dahi bhalla

NOTE: Amount of water required may be different for Diffenent type Of Dal. Avoid adding too much water it will Make the batter Runny. The mixture must be in a thick paste. Otherwise, you Will Not Be Able to Make round shape out of It.

Remove the batter into a big bowl Where you can Mix it Comfortably with your Hand.

Gently Mix the Batter with your Hand or Batter Mixer for 4- 5 minutes and Keep In aside.

This is very important as it will Make Vada Soft And Fluffy When Deep Frying.

Heats oil in a Frying Pan and keep in medium flame.

When oil gets hot enough

Add water to your Hand as it Will Make your Hands Slippery While Dropping the Batter In Oil.

Take a portion of batter exactly your palm size and drop it into the deep fry pan.

NOTE: Be Careful while Dropping In Oil, you Can also Wear Gloves If needed or Take Help of your Parents.

How To Prepare Dahi Mixture

You can give circular shape to the vadas as per your wish.

In South India, We Use to Make A hole in between the vada.

Make 5-6 vadas at one time.

Put a Deep Fry Pan on Medium Flame and Fry Put them in Oil One By One.

Take then out of the oil when they Turn Golden Brown In colour.

Transfer them into a bowl having lukewarm water

Place here for Two Minutes.

Now, Using your Both Hands, gently press each Vada between your palms, so that excess water goes out.

Keep them aside in a Plate.

Follow this exact Process for the Remaining Batter.

Your Vada Is Ready! Now going to prepare the Curd mixture To Complete Our Dahi Bhalla Chaat

How To Prepare Dahi ( Curd ) Mixture?

Beat the curd or yoghurt well until I become smooth and add the water as required,

Add all The Spices required : Cumin Seeds Powder, Red chilli Powder, Powder Sugar, Chaat Masala Powder.

Add Salt as Per your Taste.

Transfer All the vadas to a serving bowl or Plate.

Now, pour chilled yoghurt all over the vadas.

Put it In Refrigerator or cover it and Keep It aside for 1-2 hours.

Let Each Vada Submerge and Dilute in Curd Completely.

A Minute Before eating, take 4-5 vadas and place them in a serving plate or a bowl.

You Can Pour Green Chutney made up of Coriander Leaves or red Chutney Made up Of Tamarind Pulp or both As Per your Wish.

Garnish with Coriander Leaves, Black Pepper powder and Pomegranate Seeds.

NOTE: Sprinkle All the Masalas According to your Taste and Choice.

Your Dahi Bhalla Chaat Is Ready! Do Enjoy It This Delicious Snack With your Loved Ones.

Health Benefits of Urad Dal

Urad Dal Is Good for Skin and Hair

It is rich in Fiber Thus, Improves Digestion

Good For Heart and Helps In controlling Blood Sugar Levels

It Boost Up your Energy levels and Also Strengthen Nervous System

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