About Me

A big welcome to my Blog Guys. Hope you all Doing Well and Having Delicious food At Home.

This Is Sai !


About My Self, I’m A South Indian Guy & food enthusiast, Traveller, recipe Developer, Techie, and Author.

The goal of me very Simple, to bring Awareness Of the Historic Recipes I use to Prepare.

I like to think that everyone has an artist hidden in them, Before Coming To this Tech World, I am a food Lover and love To Cook Food.

All I want is, you All Can Make These Indian Recipes At Home and enjoy the flavors from all over the Dishes on your plate.

Every single recipe on my blog was simplified and made with easy to source ingredients which you can Get Anywhere If You Are In INDIA. I use To Prepare These Dishes With the Help and guidance of,

of course, MY MOM.

Attention, you will find only VEGETARIAN and recipes here.